Passwordgen is a C# Console application used to generate ASCII characters between ASCII 33 ("!") and 126 ("~"). This means characters that cannot be displayed or used in passwords, such as BEL, ACK, and NAK, will not be generated. It should be noted that Passwordgen is not guaranteed to generate strong passwords, due to the random nature of the program. Please review the password yourself before using it for anything. It is also recommended that you write down your password or use a trusted password manager, as many of the passwords generated will be difficult to remember.

Technical Documentation

Passwordgen uses four seperate functions: Main(), GetInitOptions(), WriteRandomData(), Next(). Main() is called when the program starts, and thus, it runs the Next() function to reset the program and call GetInitOptions(). GetInitOptions() gets the user's input on how long they want their generated string to be, and it then proceeds to try to convert it to an int16 value. If this fails, it will set GetSizeInput to 1 so the program can continue to run and reset. WriteRandomData() generated random numbers between 33 and 126 and converts them to ASCII characters. Each character is printed to screen, and then a counter is decremented. Once that counter is 0, the program calls Next(), which loops the cycle.